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This course is adapted for our highly successful Excellence in Critical Care Transport course. This could is drilled down for timing purposes of the the critical care transport clinician that most likely already has a busy work and life schedules. This course is approved by the IBSC (International Board of Specialty Certifications) for 24 hours of approved continuing education units to renew your FP-C (flight paramedic certification) or CCP-C (critical care paramedic certification). So, if you're looking for a full scale preparation course, this isn't the one for you. Try Excellence in Critical Care Transport. But, if you need your 16 hours for recertification, then this is the one you want. 

This curriculum is designed to slowly prepare clinicians (nurses and paramedics) for positions in the air medical or critical care transport fields. By providing this difficult content over time in addition to serial assessments over current and past content, the students of the MeduGrad program truly develop the core knowledge and skills needed in the critical care transport setting. 

This is an educational lab designed to challenge learners with critical care scenarios and test their assessment and management skills.

This is the exciting 3rd iteration of the trusted Excellence in Critical Care Transport, which hundreds have used to pass their critical care certifications, including, but not limited to, FP-C, CFRN, CCP-C, CCRN. We have listened to our customers and redrafted the entire course correcting spellings, organizational issues, and focusing our test questions to reflect the recent changes in the testing of these certification exams.

Are you ready to succeed? Come on in.